Hello! I'm Lizel

I'm from Cape Town, South Africa and so grateful to live and work here in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I like to consider myself an elopement- and family photographer, I am drawn to authenticity and feel happiest and most fulfilled after photographing these types of sessions.


I am obsessed with cats and would love to add cat- photography to my list of services one day if that can be a thing :)

I seek to capture, raw, authentic, emotional, and timeless photographs. 

I've been a photographer for a full decade now, and yet to photograph my first international elopement wedding, hopefully soon, in Norway or Iceland (one of my bucket list items).

Have a gentle approach, but a silly sense of humour. I connect best with people who are open-minded, free-spirited, nature-loving and who love the idea of photographs that portray memories & emotion, over anything superficial.

If you're up for an adventure, something unconventional or would just like for me to capture some sentimental memories, I am here for you :)

ten random facts about me

Depending on my mood, I either listen to music, motivational videos, or stand-up comedians while editing photos. I have a diverse taste in music, from the '80s to classical to punk to metal

When I'm not taking photos I absolutely love drawing. I'm busy teaching myself how to improve my drawings and would love to one day illustrate at least one children's book and do a few video animations

I prefer being behind the camera

Obsessssssed with cats (an absolute Ailurophile)

I'm a happy single mom, if you've wondered who MAY is in Me & May Photography, it's a reference to my daughter who was born in the month of May, the company was also founded in May, dedicated to giving my daughter the best life possible

Once dyed my hair plum, and loved it! In 2019 I decided to start growing out all my natural hair

I feel happiest & refreshed after spending time in nature. When I lived in Blaauwberg I used to jog to the beach, put my feet in the sand and just recharge

My favourite reptile has always been a chameleon. I did a session a few years ago, and a baby chameleon fell out of a tree, on me exactly where I was standing busy taking photos of a couple. I rescued him and let him live in my bonsai tree

I enjoy eating pickled ginger. Weird :)

A little bit of a hippy in me, I love nature and hiking, love burning incense, and dreaming about buying or building a stone cottage away from the hustle & bustle, growing a luscious garden and living off my land (another bucket list item)

"The photos are absolutely amazing!"

LIZEL! Oh my word... The photos are absolutely amazing! Ah I can't thank you enough for capturing so many beautiful moments of our special day. We are literally blown away by the pictures. Thank you for everything, from the start it was such a pleasure. There aren't enough words but thank you Lizel. I honestly hope for the biggest success for you going forward.