"She is Literally My Soul Photographer"

—Parron Pepper Paige

Featured Love Stories

As a photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing some truly special moments and memories over the years. From intimate wedding ceremonies to joyous family gatherings, each photo session holds a wealth of memories for me. These moments have become ingrained in my mind and heart, and I know that they will stay with me forever.


Michelle & Richard | Signal Hill

Intimate Wedding

Rebecca & Fred | Monkey Valley


Intimate Wedding

Alizanne & Jeremy | the homestead




Michele & Richard | Amsterdam



Winter Wedding

Holly & Riaan | the One Heaven & Earth




Mom and baby daughter on a beach in Cape Town
Family of four photoshoot between guava orchard

Whether you're looking for beautiful portraits or capturing pure moments of unbridled joy, let's preserve those sweet memories that will transport you back to cherished times.